Sleep Well Every Day and Have the Energy to Live Life to the Fullest!

Find that you can never get enough sleep? Coffee not helping in the morning anymore? Want the fatigue to end? Let me help to finally get a good night's sleep... regularly.
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About This Product:

 I am going to share with you tried and true secrets to better sleep, busting sleep myths along the way.

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In this course, we've packaged a collection of the most important lessons from our coaching program and courses. You'll learn about the basics of good sleep that good sleepers practice, and you'll learn how to integrate sleep wellness basics into a healthy lifestyle.

Specifically, we'll be:
- busting sleep myths
- explaining why sleep is your superpower
- teaching you what good sleepers do ... so that you can sleep well, too!

In addition, you'll receive worksheets that will provide you guidance on how to implement these lessons in your life.

Most importantly, you'll also be receiving a 1:1 Virtual Sleep Coaching Session as part of this Mastermind. We'll schedule a 60-minute session, where I'll be able to give you further one-on-one coaching support.

Course Outline:

1. Why sleep?
2. How much sleep is enough?
3. Consequences of lost sleep
4. Busting sleep myths
5. What is good sleep like?
6. Sleep and the 9-to-5 world 
7. How to prep for a good night's rest
8. Lifestyle choices and good sleep
9. Consistency is key
11. How to maintain sleep wellness
12. Good sleep support


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Program Details

Available Now
Why Sleep?
Available on Day 3
How Much Sleep?
Available on Day 6
Lost Sleep?
Available on Day 9
Busting Sleep Myths
Available on Day 12
What is sleep like?
Available on Day 15
Sleep and the 9-to-5
Available on Day 18
Prep for Good Sleep
Available on Day 21
Lifestyle Choices and Sleep
Available on Day 24
Consistency Is Key
Available on Day 27
Sustaining Sleep Wellness
Available on Day 30
Good Sleep Support
Available on Day 31

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Sheryl Guloy, PhD

Sheryl Guloy, PhD, is co-founder of Somnolence+ and brings sleep wellness to communities, organisations, and individuals. Sheryl Guloy, PhD, est cofondatrice de Somnolence+. Les bienfaits du sommeil sont à votre portée avec nous.
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Sleep is foundational to health, wellness, and productivity. Wouldn't it be great if to learn how to sleep well so that those benefits could be reaped?
That's why we started coaching people on the basics of good sleep and sharing what we know about how to sleep well with all of you. Join our sessions and programs and start your sleep wellness journey. 

Le sommeil est essentiel à la santé, au bien-être et à la productivité. Est-ce que vous aimeriez apprendre comment bien dormir pour profiter de ces avantages ? 

Nous aidons les gens à apprendre comment bien dormir, et nous enseignons aux gens comment bien dormir. Participez à nos séances de coaching et à nos programmes pour obtenir les bienfaits d'un bon sommeil.

Dr. Sheryl Guloy is a researcher, educator, and performance improvement expert who coaches people on how to sleep well and optimise their productivity.
She co-founded Somnolence+ and the to help people get the sleep they need. 

Sheryl Guloy est une chercheuse, une éducatrice et une experte en amélioration des performances qui conseille les gens sur la manière de bien dormir et d'optimiser leur productivité. 

Elle a cofondé Somnolence+ et le site pour aider les gens à obtenir le sommeil dont ils ont besoin.

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